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In your opinion, how will AI impact application development?

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These types of questions help the interviewer ascertain your level of interest in the field. If you’re naturally passionate about AI and everything related to it, you should have some knowledge about current industry trends.

So, if you have been actively following this space, you’ll know all about AIOps. In the coming months, you can expect AI to be more involved in how we build applications. It has the potential to transform how we use and manage the infrastructure at a micro and macro level.

Some say that DevOps will be replaced by what they are calling AIOps because it allows developers to engage in accurate root cause analysis by combining big data, ML, and visualization.

AIOps can be described as a multilayered platform that can be used to automate and improve IT operations. In this scenario, developers can leverage analytics and ML to collect and process data from a variety of sources. This information can then be analyzed in real time to identify and rectify problems.


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