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Can you please explain what are the different components of Ansible? Explain Ansible architecture.

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Ansible Automation Engine is the main component of Ansible, which directly communicates with the configuration management database, different cloud services, and users writing playbooks.

Ansible Automation Engine has the below components:

1)  Inventories: It contains the location of all the nodes, databases, and servers.

2)  APIs: Ansible APIs work like other APIs. The Ansible APIs help in commuting different cloud services and private or public services.

3)  Modules: The Ansible modules are used for automating the varieties of tasks. These modules help in managing libraries, packages, files, system resources, and more. Ansible has approximately 450 modules, which can automate almost everything in the Ansible environment.

4)  Plugins: Ansible plugins help to execute Ansible tasks. Ansible offers around 100 plugins that help in executing the task with ease.

5)  Networking: Ansible helps in automating various networks as well as services by creating a Playbook.

6)  Playbook: Playbook is the list of tasks that get executed sequentially. They follow the YAML format and are used for the automation of tasks.

7)  CMDB: It is a database containing all the installed IT assets and the relationship between them.

8)  Cloud: It consists of the remote server hosted online and used to store, manage, and process the data, instead of a local server.

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