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During a meeting with some of your project's stakeholders, you are asked

to add to the project's scope of work. The project records contain

correspondence from before the Charter was signed in which the project

sponsor specifically declined the work being requested by these

stakeholders. The BEST thing for you to do is:


a Tell the stakeholders the work cannot be added.

b Evaluate the cost and time impacts of adding the work.

c Add the work if it can be accommodated within the existing budget.

d Talk to the sponsor and let her know of the request.

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The best answer is A

 i PMI expects the project manager to manage! The best thing to do first

is try to resolve the problem with the stakeholders. Only is that fails

should the problem be escalated to the sponsor.

 ii Whilst planning and evaluation are normal 'first steps' in assessing a

change, this work was formally excluded from the project before the

Charter was signed. Therefore, it should not be added without the

sponsor's prior approval.
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