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I have health insurance through my employer but coverage for my husband and child are too expensive. What subsidies would I qualify for health insurance for my dependents?

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Tax credits are available for individuals and families who meet certain income requirements and do not have access to affordable health insurance through their employer or another government program. Affordability of an employer-provided coverage is determined based on the cost of the employee-only coverage, even for a family coverage. This means that if the total annual premium you pay for your self-only coverage is not more than 9.5 percent of your annual household income, and your employer-provided insurance plan pays at least 60 percent of the total allowed costs of benefits the plan provides to you, your husband and child will NOT qualify for subsidies through the Health Insurance Marketplace, even if the cost of family coverage exceeds 9.5 percent of your household income. But if your employer-provided coverage does not include dependent coverage at all (even an unaffordable one), then your husband and child will qualify for subsidies through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Eligibility for tax credits is based on a federal standard that looks at the household income and the number of people in the family.

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