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What are the Advantages or Pros of Xamarin?

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The pros of Xamarin technology are listed below:

Performance: Xamarin apps are famous for having native-like performances.

Complete development ecosystem: Xamarin apps are build using C#, .Net, and Microsoft Visual Studio, which makes it a complete cross-platform mobile app development framework.

Shared App Logic: It is a powerful feature of Xamarin, making it the most useful cross-platform development tool. Application Logic such as the input validation, web service calls, database interactions, and backend enterprise integrations are coded once in C# and can share 75% of the code across various operating systems. It saves the time and effort of the developers.

Xamarin Component Store: Xamarin believes in Collaboration and Component sharing. It allows the developer to choose the host free or paid component that includes UI controls, cross-platform libraries, and third-party web services to build the app logic with a few lines of code.

Seamless user experience: Xamarin provides the advantage of Native UI, access to specific device features, and, most importantly, native performance. These features make the user experience amazing.

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