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Q: What is Arduino?

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Aug 17, 2020

Arduino is a software as well as hardware platform that helps in making electronic projects. It is an open source platform and has a variety of controllers and microprocessors. There are various types of Arduino boards used for various purposes.

The Arduino is a single circuit board, which consists of different interfaces or parts. The board consists of the set of digital and analog pins that are used to connect various devices and components, which we want to use for the functioning of the electronic devices.

Most of the Arduino consists of 14 digital I/O pins.

The analog pins in Arduino are mostly useful for fine-grained control. The pins in the Arduino board are arranged in a specific pattern. The other devices on the Arduino board are USB port, small components (voltage regulator or oscillator), microcontroller, power connector, etc.


Arduino Tutorial

Arduino is a project, open-source hardware, and software platform used to design and build electronic devices. It designs and manufactures microcontroller kits and single-board interfaces for building electronics projects.

The Arduino boards were initially created to help the students with the non-technical background.

The designs of Arduino boards use a variety of controllers and microprocessors.

The Arduino board consists of sets of analog and digital I/O (Input / Output) pins, which are further interfaced to breadboard, expansion boards, and other circuits. Such boards feature the model, Universal Serial Bus (USB), and serial communication interfaces, which are used for loading programs from the computers.

It also provides an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) project, which is based on the Processing Language to upload the code to the physical board.

The projects are authorized under the GPL and LGPL. The GPL is named as GNU General Public License. The licensed LGPL is named as GNU Lesser General Public License. It allows the use of Arduino boards, it's software distribution, and can be manufactured by anyone.

It is also available in the form of self practicing kits.

The Arduino is used for various purposes, such as:

  • Finger button
  • Button for motor activation
  • Light as a sensors
  • LED button
  • Designing
  • The Building of electronic devices
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