Aug 15 in DevOps

Q. What are the most common instructions in Dockerfile?

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Aug 15

Some of the common instructions in Dockerfile are as follows:

  • FROM: We use FROM to set the base image for subsequent instructions. In every valid Dockerfile, FROM is the first instruction.
  • LABEL: We use LABEL to organize our images as per project, module, licensing etc. We can also use LABEL to help in automation.
    In LABEL we specify a key value pair that can be later used for programmatically handling the Dockerfile.
  • RUN: We use RUN command to execute any instructions in a new layer on top of the current image. With each RUN command we add something on top of the image and use it in subsequent steps in Dockerfile.
  • CMD: We use CMD command to provide default values of an executing container. In a Dockerfile, if we include multiple CMD commands, then only the last instruction is used.
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