Aug 8, 2020 in DevOps

What are some precautions that teams need to consider before implementing DevOps?

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Aug 8, 2020

There are a few misconceptions about DevOps practices that potentially lead to tragic failures when organizations try to apply this new approach:

DevOps is more than simply applying new tools and/or forming a new “department” and expect it to work. In fact, DevOps is considered a culture in which the development and operation teams go hand in hand following a mutual framework. 

Organizations did not define a clear vision for their DevOps practices. Applying DevOps initiatives is a notable change to both development and operation teams. Therefore, having clear roadmap, goals and expectations of integrating DevOps in your organization will wipe out any confusion and provide clear guidelines from the early days.

After the DevOps practices have been applied across the organization, the management team needs to establish a continuous learning and improvement culture. Failures and problems in the system should be treated as a valuable medium for teams to learn from mistakes and prevent those mistakes from recurring.

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