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What is the difference between Cordova and Ionic?

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When building hybrid applications, security is a common issue, as long as your app can be reverse engineered. Since version 4, Ionic CLI does provide built-in code uglification — a common technique of making the code difficult to read by hackers. But you also need to know that if you are using Angular CLI or older versions of Ionic, there is no code uglification going on. Your developers will have to uglify the code on their own.

There are a lot of ways to compromise what’s happening with your mobile app or PWA, like a man-in-the-middle attack. Why does it matter? Well, because basically, your Ionic application is a website, running on the device. The important takeaway is that Ionic communicates with the backend using usual HTTP calls. So, you also want to use the security measures on your Ionic app that you use to protect your website, like using HTTPS connection instead of the HTTP.
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