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Tell me different Hive metastore configuration.

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There are three types of metastores configuration called

1) Embedded metastore

2) Local metastore

3) Remote metastore.

If Hive run any query first it enter into embedded mode, It’s default mode. In Command line all operations done in embedded mode only, it can access Hive libraries locally. In the embedded metastore configuration, hive driver, metastore interface and databases use same JVM. It’s good for development and testing.

In local metastore the metastore store data in external databases like MYSQL. Here Hive driver and metastore run in the same JVM, but remotely communicate with external Database. For better protection required credentials in Local metastore.

Where as in Remote server, use remote mode to run the queries over Thift server.

In Remote metastore, Hive driver and metastore interface would be running in a different JVM. So for better protection, required credentials such are isolated from Hive users.

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