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How are P3 instances different from P2 instances in Amzaon EC2?

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P3 Instances are the next-generation of EC2 general-purpose GPU computing instances, powered by up to 8 of the latest-generation NVIDIA Volta GV100 GPUs. These new instances significantly improve performance and scalability and add many new features, including new Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) architecture, optimized for machine learning (ML)/deep learning (DL) performance, second-generation NVIDIA NVLink high-speed GPU interconnect, and highly tuned HBM2 memory for higher-efficiency.

P2 instances use NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs and are designed for general purpose GPU computing using the CUDA or OpenCL programming models. P2 instances provide customers with high bandwidth 25 Gbps networking, powerful single and double precision floating-point capabilities, and error-correcting code (ECC) memory.
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