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How are G3 instances different from P2 instances in Amazon EC2?

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G3 instances use NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPUs and provide a high-performance platform for graphics applications using DirectX or OpenGL. NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPUs support NVIDIA GRID Virtual Workstation features, and H.265 (HEVC) hardware encoding. Each M60 GPU in G3 instances supports 4 monitors with resolutions up to 4096x2160, and is licensed to use NVIDIA GRID Virtual Workstation for one Concurrent Connected User. Example applications of G3 instances include 3D visualizations, graphics-intensive remote workstation, 3D rendering, application streaming, video encoding, and other server-side graphics workloads.

P2 instances use NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs and are designed for general purpose GPU computing using the CUDA or OpenCL programming models. P2 instances provide customers with high bandwidth 25 Gbps networking, powerful single and double precision floating-point capabilities, and error-correcting code (ECC) memory, making them ideal for deep learning, high performance databases, computational fluid dynamics, computational finance, seismic analysis, molecular modeling, genomics, rendering, and other server-side GPU compute workloads.

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