May 10 in AWS
Q: What metrics are available at high resolution?

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May 10

A custom metric can be one of the following:

Standard resolution, with data having one-minute granularity

High resolution, with data at a granularity of one second

By default, metrics are stored at 1-minute resolution in CloudWatch. You can define a metric as high-resolution by setting the StorageResolution parameter to 1 in the PutMetricData API request. If you do not set the optional StorageResolution parameter, then CloudWatch will default to storing the metrics at 1-minute resolution.

When you publish a high-resolution metric, CloudWatch stores it with a resolution of 1 second, and you can read and retrieve it with a period of 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or any multiple of 60 seconds.

Custom metrics follow the same retention schedule listed above.

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