May 10 in AWS
Q: What is the minimum resolution for the data that Amazon CloudWatch receives and aggregates?

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May 10

The minimum resolution supported by CloudWatch is 1-second data points, which is a high-resolution metric, or you can store metrics at 1-minute granularity. Sometimes metrics are received by Cloudwatch at varying intervals, such as 3-minute or 5-minute intervals. If you do not specify that a metric is high resolution, by setting the StorageResolution field in the PutMetricData API request, then by default CloudWatch will aggregate and store the metrics at 1-minute resolution.

Depending on the age of data requested, metrics will be available at the resolutions defined in the retention schedules above. For example, if you request for 1-minute data for a day from 10 days ago, you will receive the 1440 data points. However, if you request for 1-minute data from 5 months back, the UI will automatically change the granularity to 1-hour and the GetMetricStatistics API will not return any output.

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May 10 in AWS
May 10 in AWS
May 10 in AWS