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Give a similarity and a difference between the JIRA scrum and JIRA Kanban.

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Similarity: the JIRA scrum and the Kanban are said to be strong powerful process tools for optimizing work and the processes as both focus on the continuous optimization and visualization of the workflow. In these particular cases the complex and large are broken down and so each of the individual tasks are considered and completed in an efficient manner. 

Difference: the scrum board represents the work mode at the point where the progress of the sprints and tracking of the work is done. At this time the team considers the list of issues, which has become backlog and so these problems are moved toward the sprints according to the plan of the team. When it comes to the Kanban board though, the progress actions are maintained and the processes of their flow are tracked accordingly. In this setting, the team comes to a decision of the increase and decreasing of the issues, which are to be displayed in each status of the workflow.

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