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Explain the process of how an Issue is created within JIRA.

1 Answer

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When a problem is detected during testing, it needs to be reported to the developers are able to work on and take the needed steps to fix the problem. The steps for dealing with the issue are explained below.

Log in to the JIRA account by utilizing valid credentials and proceed to the dashboard. 

Click on the ‘Create’ button displayed so that you navigate to the window for creating an issue.

Enter the needed credentials as needed for the creation of an issue. • Locate the Project field for which you are creating an issue. In a particular example: STH_Learning ( STHL) would be selected from the dropdown with the available projects.

Locate the Issue Type field and select its nature from the menu, which has options including the TASK, Bug, Improvement or New Feature. Here, you would input ‘Bug’ as the issue.

The Summary field is next and has the one line title of the problem, which gives the significant information on the issue in a summary. The more concise and relevant the issue headline, the more you can show the critical nature of the problem. It needs to be simple without leaving a chance for misinterpretation.

The Reporter is the field that reports the issue. The name of the project manager would be selected. 

Within the description field, you are to give the details on the bug. This includes steps to reproduce the issue and the result. The expected results need to be included within the description as well. 

In the affect version field, the current build version, a project would be selected in which the issue is encountered. 

Fix version field is next and selected by the developers that choose the version when the work for the issue is done and the issue is completed.

The priority field concerns the issue that ought to be considered as the first to be fixed. The tester considers the priority of the problem from the menu according to its effect on the application. 

The attachment field allows for videos or screenshots related to the problem to be uploaded.

Within the environment field, the operating system and other browser details are given on which issue has been encountered. 

After completing all of the details, you may click the ‘Create’ tab illustrated on the window in order to create the issue.

The issue id is generated and this would be used in the future for tracking the progression of the bug.

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