Apr 13 in QuickTest Professional (QTP)

Explain QTP Testing process?

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Apr 13

Quick Test testing process consists of 6 main phases:

1)  Create your test plan - This is preparatory phase where you identify the exact test steps, test data and expected results for you automated test. You also identify the environment and system configurations required to create and run your QTP Tests.

2) Recording a session on your application - During this phase , you will execute test steps one by one on your AUT ,and QTP will automatically record corresponding VB script statements for each step performed.

3) Enhancing your test - In this stage you will insert checkpoints , output values , parameterization , programming logic like if…else loops to enhance the logic of your test script.

4) Replay & Debug - After enhancements you will replay the script to check whether its working properly and debug if necessary.

5) Run your Tests - In this phase you will perform the actual execution of your Test Script.

6) Analyzing the test results - Once test run is complete, you will analyze the results in the Test Fusion report generated.

7) Reporting defects - Any incidents identified needs to be reported. If you are using Quality Center , defects can be automatically raised for failed tests in QTP.

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