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How many types of recording modes in QTP? Which will be used when?

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QTP supports 3 types of recording modes  

1. Normal mode also called Contextual

2. Low-level recording mode

3.Analog mode

Normal Mode: It is the default recording mode and takes full advantage of QTP's Test Object Model. It recognizes objects regardless of their position on -screen. This is the preferred mode of recoding and is used for most of the automation activities.

Low-level recording mode: This mode records the exact x,y co-ordinates of your mouse operations. It is helpful in testing hashmaps. It is useful for recording objects not identified by normal mode of QTP.

Analog mode: This mode records exact mouse and keyboard "movements" you perform in relation to the screen / application window. This mode is useful for the operation such as drawing a picture, recording signature., drag and drop operations.

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