Apr 11 in SAP
Q: Will A Customer Get Support When Recompiling The Linux Kernel Or Using 3rd-party Software That Modifies It?

1 Answer

Apr 11

Usually there should be no need for recompiling the Linux kernel when using SAP software on Linux since the supported Linux distributors are shipping optimized kernels for the respective hardware architectures with revised and tested drivers. Any modification to the tested environment would furthermore make it nearly impossible for the Linux distributor to track a problem down. The same applies to 3rd party software that modifies the Linux kernel and is distributed only in a closed, binary-only, way. Therefore the following can’t be supported: Recompiling the Linux kernel, with or without source modifications Loading of 3rd party binary Linux kernel modules which have not been shipped by the Linux distributors Loading of any unsupported Linux kernel modules Loading of any closed source drivers.

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