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Siree Battery focus on Lithium ion battery packs global markting, Belong to Ningguo impress energy & optoelectronics Co .,Ltd. specialized manufacture Solar panels, Lithium ion batteries, we has well-equipped factories.
Factory Location: Solar panels in Ningguo, Anhui; Battery packs in Dongguan, Guangdong; Lithium Cells in Yancheng, Jiangsu.
Accessing to a wide range of domestic source materials, we could also fill all customized orders that clients may need. LiFePO4 battery to replace the lead-acid battery project began to develop and gradually mass production in 2016. Our company has become a well-known brand (LG-SUN series) in Bangladesh and entered the government procurement directory, and sales markets throughout southeast Asia, Africa, The middle east countries.
Supply Chain
Lithium ion battery packs components:
What are the different grades of materials?
Mainstream cells from China analysis
Li-ion Battery ChemistryNominal VoltageCycle TimesSpecific EnergyPackaging(Typical)Advantage
Lithium nickel-cobalt manganate
Polymer & Prismatic cellHigh specific energy, More lightweight, save more space
Lithium iron phosphate(LFP)3.2
Polymer & Prismatic cellFlat discharge voltage, More safty, More cycle times
What difference does it make to use different grades of materials?
CELL GradeBMS GradeBattery Park
AAEach performance performs well(3-5 years warranty)
ABBattery cannot working such as short circuit,loss control cells functions(Within 1 year warranty)
BASudden capacity reduce,Voltage loss,cann't working well(1-3 years warranty)
BBShort circuit,loss control cells functions,capacity reduce,Voltage loss(8 month warranty)
Second HandA/BMostly within 1 year battery will be work out and change maintainChina Low Speed EV Lithium Ion Battery Solution

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