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Variables in Java

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Variables in Java

Variables in Java are containers for storing data values.

There are different types of variables in java, Here as for example:

String - stores text, such as "Hello". In Java String values are surrounded by double quotes

int - stores integers (whole numbers), without decimals, such as 123 or -123. So use carefully

float in Java - stores floating point numbers, with decimals, such as 19.99 or -19.99

chars - stores single characters, such as 'a' or 'B'. Char values are surrounded by single quotes

boolean in Java - stores values with two states: true or false

Declaring (Creating) Variables

To create a variable in Java, you must specify the type and assign it a value:


type variable = value;

Where type is one of Java's types (such as int or String), and variable is the name of the variable (such as x or name). The equal sign is used to assign values to the variable.

To create a variable that should store text, look at the following example:


Create a variable called name of type String and assign it the value "John":

String name = "John";


To create a variable that should store a number, look at the following example:


Create a variable called myNum of type int and assign it the value 15:

int myNum = 15;


You can also declare a variable without assigning the value, and assign the value later:


int myNum;

myNum = 15;


Note that if you assign a new value to an existing variable, it will overwrite the previous value:


Change the value of myNum from 15 to 20:

int myNum = 15;

myNum = 20;  // myNum is now 20


Final Variables

However, you can add the final keyword if you don't want others (or yourself) to overwrite existing values (this will declare the variable as "final" or "constant", which means unchangeable and read-only):


final int myNum = 15;

myNum = 20;  // will generate an error: cannot assign a value to a final variable

Other Types

A demonstration of how to declare variables of other types:


int myNum = 5;

float myFloatNum = 5.99f;

char myLetter = 'D';

boolean myBool = true;

String myText = "Hello";
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