Mar 12, 2020 in JavaScript

Mention some of the functions used in ember packages/ember run-time/lib and packages/ember metal/lib/utils.js ?

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Mar 12, 2020
  • None : Returns tur if argument is null or undefined
  • Empty: Utility function constrains the rules on ember.none by returning false for empty string and empty arrays
  • isArray: Use this to check whether the value is an array
  • MakeArray: This function is used when you want a given object in an array
  • Typeof: This is used to get the type of the passed argument
  • Compare: Used to compare two objects of possibly different types
  • isEqual: It checks whether the passed two arguments are logically equal
  • inspect: While debugging this function is useful. For a given object it returns the string description
  • Log_Binding:  Log binding is not a function but a Boolean function. If set true ember will log all the activity that is happening on the bindings

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