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What is Shallow Renderer in React testing?

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Shallow rendering is useful for writing unit test cases in React. It lets you render a component one level deep and assert facts about what its render method returns, without worrying about the behavior of child components, which are not instantiated or rendered.

For example, if you have the following component:

function MyComponent() {
  return (
      <span className={'heading'}>{'Title'}</span>
      <span className={'description'}>{'Description'}</span>

Then you can assert as follows:

import ShallowRenderer from 'react-test-renderer/shallow'

// in your test
const renderer = new ShallowRenderer()
renderer.render(<MyComponent />)

const result = renderer.getRenderOutput()

  <span className={'heading'}>{'Title'}</span>,
  <span className={'description'}>{'Description'}</span>
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