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What is CD?

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CD expands upon the ideas of CI. With CI, if you can compile a build, it's in its optimum state. In

contrast to CI, CD asserts that there should be a main branch of ongoing source code integration that

you can package, deploy and release into production at any given point.

Author Martin Fowler contends that you are doing CD if:

• Your software is deployable throughout its lifecycle.

• Your team prioritizes keeping the software deployable over working on new features.

• Anyone can get fast, automated feedback on the production readiness of their systems whenever

somebody makes a change to them.

• You can perform push-button deployments of any version of the software to any environment

on demand.

CI is a part of CD, but so is the creation of deployable container-packaged executables. So, too, is the

use of a comprehensive suite of tests that evaluates software quality, performance under load and user

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