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Name five important DevOps tools that organizations should consider adopting when

undergoing a DevOps transition.

1 Answer

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undergoing a DevOps transition.

I would answer the first of these sample DevOps interview questions with an assertion that there are

five key arenas in which tools can assist in a DevOps transition:

• configuration management

• source code management

• CI

• containerization

• collaboration

Chef, Puppet and Ansible are all highly capable configuration management tools.

GitHub and Jenkins DevOps interview questions

Git and a cloud-based platform, such as GitHub or GitLab, make the management of distributed source

code easier.

Jenkins is perhaps the most popular CI server on the market, although there are some highly competent

competitors, such as Concourse CI and Atlassian's Bamboo.

For containerization, Docker tends 

If you were to graph the traditional software development lifecycle on a piece of paper, the left side of

the graph would likely include tasks such as design and development, while the right side would likely

include user acceptance, stress testing and production staging. To shift left in DevOps implies a desire

to take many of those tasks that often happen toward the end of the application development process

and move them into earlier stages.

In some cases, this might mean to incorporate static code analysis routines in every build. Another way

to perform a DevOps shift left is to create production-ready artifacts at the end of every Agile sprint so

that users and stakeholders can get incremental updates on how development is progressing. Proper

DevOps means shifting left as much as possible.

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