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Duration varies substantially with the ability of the organization to adapt – which is driven by culture, structure, history, as well as other organization-specific characteristics. The ‘norm’ for an agile team to move from initial change to functional performance (not necessarily the high performance that comes with maturity) is three iterations – three cycles through the process to understand and internalize roles and ceremonies. That applies as well to larger teams of teams, and it typically takes three program increments (ART or team-of-teams iterations) of three months each – or nine months in total – to achieve stable and solid competence. As maturity advances, so will performance.

The key variable for an organization is how many teams to transform and at what rate, which ties to the maturity of the overall transformation team – internal and external. Cprime specializes in establishing, directing and supporting internal ‘centers of excellence’ that lead transformations, and wean off organizations of external vendors as quickly as feasible.

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