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What is FACE? How do you access FACE table?

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FACE & FACS are system programs that are used to calculate the SON address of a fixed file record.

Takes as input Decimal Record type and Ordinal Number; looks up into the FACE table for the corresponding SON address.

FACS serves the same purpose as FACE

FACS unlike FACE can calculate the SON file address with a symbolic record type and Ordinal Number

Interface :

Application Programs enter the utility Program FACE by issuing the macro call -   ENTRC FACE.

FACS is preferred over FACE.

The following is the set-up required  before calling FACE

R6 Contains the Hexadecimal Record type 

R0 Contains the Ordinal Number

R7 Address of an 8-byte field where the system file reference is to be placed.  Normally, the location of FARW  because the address must be  there before the find or file function can be called. 

Example of FACS usage

LA    R0,0          Load ordinal number

LA    R6,=CL8'#IGTSTRN'  Symbolic record type

LA    R7,CE1FA7          Load address of FARW


LTR   R0,R0              Test for Error return

BZ    EXCEPT             Branch to error return

Before Call to FACE/FACS 

FARW :      

Before call to FACE/FACS

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