Feb 22, 2020 in Big Data | Hadoop

Differentiate between NFS, Hadoop NameNode and JournalNode.

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Feb 22, 2020

HDFS is a write once file system so a user cannot update the files once they exist either they can read or write to it. However, under certain scenarios in the enterprise environment like file uploading, file downloading, file browsing or data streaming –it is not possible to achieve all this using the standard HDFS. This is where a distributed file system protocol Network File System (NFS) is used. NFS allows access to files on remote machines just similar to how local file system is accessed by applications.

Namenode is the heart of the HDFS file system that maintains the metadata and tracks where the file data is kept across the Hadoop cluster.

StandBy Nodes and Active Nodes communicate with a group of light weight nodes to keep their state synchronized. These are known as Journal Nodes.

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