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What are the 10 most important features of Redis

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One important features is that it is portable.

It is very easy to install and manage to Redis.

Redis have the advantage to support various types of data structure such as strings, hashes, sets, lists sorted sets etc.

Redis has also supporting various programming languages like C,C++,C#,Ruby,Phython,PHP,Erlang,Tcl,Perl,Lua,Java,Scala etc.

Redis supports simple master to slave replication.

Redis has one of the most powerfull feature is that it is very fast and can execute 100000 queries per second.

The reason of fastest speed is that data is persistent in memory as well as stored on the disk.

One more reason of its speed is that it loads the whole dataset in primary memory.

If we want use our favorite language which is not supported yet then we can write our own client library which is enabled here quite easily.

Redis operations working on different data types are atomic so these operations can be accomplished safely.

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