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What qualities should a good Scrum Master have? What sort of person do you need to be a great scrum master?

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Listed below are some qualities that a good scrum master is expected to have:

Influential: Scrum master should be able to strategically motivate various teams and stakeholders at an organizational level.

Collaborative: The scrum master must encourage self-organization within the team and encourage team members to make important decisions and improve their collaboration on the project.

Observant: Scrum Master is a team member and facilitator, so, he/she should be a good listener and pay attention to the challenges faced by the project team

Leadership: In addition to being observant the scrum master should also possess strong leadership skills and inspire others in the team to lead and achieve their goals

Knowledgeable: Apart from resolving impediments, the scrum master prevents potential problems. This requires absolute knowledge on the product and discipline on scrum master’s part

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