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in Agile by

How can a Scrum Master contribute to the sprint planning process? How will you make the team really work on the most valuable stories?

1 Answer

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Sprint planning is a collective effort including a Scrum Master, who facilitates the meeting, a Product Owner, who makes clear the specifics of the product backlog items and their corresponding acceptance criteria, and the complete development team, who outline the work and effort necessary to meet their sprint goal. The scrum master can help the team by:

Time-boxing the activity

Making the team stay focused on the intention of the meeting

Facilitating and Resolving(if required) any deadlocks in the discussion

Can help them to commit the right amount of work, as per their available capacity.

To make sure that the team is invested and asking the right questions.

To accomplish this, the scrum master can help the team understand the definition of being ready and the process to create meaningful stories. Also, as discussed earlier in the questionnaire, it is important to get the team to participate in the early discovery process to make them understand the product. The stories should be created as a collaborative effort between the development team and the product owner, this creates a shared understanding of the common goal.

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