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What is Linear Regression?

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Linear Regression is a supervised Machine Learning algorithm. It is used to find the linear relationship between the dependent and the independent variables for predictive analysis.

The equation for Linear Regression:

What is Linear Regression


X is the input or the independent variable

Y is the output or the dependent variable

a is the intercept and b is the coefficient of X

Below is the best fit line that shows the data of weight (Y or the dependent variable) and height (X or the independent variable) of 21-years-old candidates scattered over the plot. This straight line shows the best linear relationship that would help in predicting the weight of candidates according to their height.

What is Linear Regression 2

To get this best fit line, we will try to find the best values of a and b. By adjusting the values of a and b, we will try to reduce errors in the prediction of Y.

This is how linear regression helps in finding the linear relationship and predicting the output.

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