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What is meant by a Check Point in UFT? Also, explain the applicable Check Points.

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Check Point represents the point where a particular condition or value of an object is verified against some other fixed or recent value. Checkpoints can be inserted at any point in the test script.

UFT supports various types of checkpoints.

They include:

Standard Checkpoint – This checkpoint is used to verify the object properties of buttons, lists etc.

Image Checkpoint – It checks the properties of images.

Bitmap Checkpoint – It checks the particular zooming property of the images.

Table Checkpoint –  It verifies the details of tables like row height, width etc.

Text Checkpoint – It checks the position of the text at a particular place.

Text Area Checkpoint – It checks whether the text is displayed in the specified area or not.

Accessibility Checkpoint – It checks the standardization of the websites.

Page Checkpoint – It checks the properties of a web page like the number of hyperlinks and images in a webpage, the time is taken for loading the page, etc.

Database Checkpoint – It is used to check the database values.

XML Checkpoint – It is used to verify the information and data related to XML.
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