Jan 15 in Agile
Q: You have been given the following story:

“As a plant lover who travels frequently, I want to have an automated watering system, so that my

plants won’t die.”

You have also been given the following acceptance criteria:

1. The water should turn on when the temperature is > 85 degrees and the moisture content

of the soil changes from “normal” to “dry”.

2. The water should be dispersed for 5 minutes at the rate of 0.5 ounces per minute

Which of the following is a question that would be most appropriate to ask when preparing to

conduct exploratory testing?

a. How many of these systems will run concurrently getting data from the same temperature


b. Which equivalence partitions and boundary values should be tested?

c. How does the software transition from the “normal” to “dry” state?

d. What can be done with the software that might cause it to fail or act in an unexpected


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