Jan 15 in Agile

Q: You are a tester in a Scrum team. You have been testing the product for several iterations

and you are noticing that the error message format and text are inconsistent. For example, when

the user enters an invalid address in one part of the application, they are given the message

“Invalid input” in a red font whereas when they enter an invalid phone number they are given the

message “The phone number you have entered is not in a valid format. Please enter the phone

number as (xxx) xxx-xxxx” in a blue font. The stories do not specify how the error messages

should appear. What should you do?

a. Nothing. Since the stories do not specify the error message text or format, the

implementation is up to the discretion of the developer

b. Write a defect report for the first instance since that message should have more

information for the user

c. Request a meeting with the developers to discuss the consistency problems and help

guide the discussion to determine the error message standards for the project

d. Appeal to the scrum master to intervene and instruct the developers to use a standard

error message template that will force a consistent font and color for all error messages

of this type

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