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What is the difference between Data science, Big Data and Hadoop?

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The difference between Data Science, Big Data and Hadoop is as follows:

Data Science is an approach of handling problem with the help of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Machine learning, Data mining and predictive analysis. With Data Science

we can extract knowledge from data in


different forms. Current Data Science methods make very good use of Big Data processing systems.

Big Data is the solution for handling huge amount of data with the modern tools and algorithms. It is a way of processing and analyzing the data that is too big for a traditional database management system to handle. With the mobile devices, Internet of things and sharing applications, datasets have become huge. Big Data tools and techniques come handy in processing such a large data set.

Hadoop is a framework for handling Big Data. It uses commodity hardware and


distributed storage to process large data sets. It is one of the most popular Big Data frameworks these days.

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