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Please explain the difference between Angular and AngularJS?

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Various differences between Angular and AngularJS are stated as follows:

Architecture - AngularJS supports the MVC design model. Angular relies on components and directives instead

Dependency Injection (DI) - Angular supports a hierarchical Dependency Injection with unidirectional tree-based change detection. AngularJS doesn’t support DI

Expression Syntax - In AngularJS, a specific ng directive is required for the image or property and an event. Angular, on the other hand, use () and [] for blinding an event and accomplishing property binding, respectively

Mobile Support - AngularJS doesn’t have mobile support while Angular does have

Recommended Language - While JavaScript is the recommended language for AngularJS, TypeScript is the recommended language for Angular

Routing - For routing, AngularJS uses $routeprovider.when() whereas Angular uses @RouteConfig{(…)}

Speed - The development effort and time are reduced significantly thanks to support for two-way data binding in AngularJS. Nonetheless, Angular is faster thanks to upgraded features

Structure - With a simplified structure, Angular makes the development and maintenance of large applications easier. Comparatively, AngularJS has a less manageable structure

Support - No official support or updates are available for the AngularJS. On the contrary, Angular has active support with updates rolling out every now and then

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