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difference between Arduino and Raspberry pi?

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Arduino:A Open programmable Usb microController, its can execute only one program at a time.

Raspberry pi: A credit card sized computer, we can run multiple program at a time and  its have more computing power compared to arduino
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The differences between Arduino and Raspberry Pi are: 

ArduinoRaspberry Pi
Arduino is a microcontroller board.Raspberry Pi is a microprocessor-based mini computer (SBC).
CPU architecture: 8 bitCPU architecture: 64 bit
It has 2kB (Kilobytes) of RAMIt has 1GB of RAM
Arduino is very easy to useIt is more complicated to use than an Arduino.
Arduino can be programmed using C or C++ programming languages.Python, Scratch, Ruby, C, C++ can be used for developing applications.
It is used for running a single task repeatedly.It can perform multiple tasks simultaneously

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