Dec 23, 2019 in Agile
Q: Would you be calm with letting the Dev Team(s) run the next two Sprints without talking to you?

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Dec 23, 2019
Does the PO clearly express their vision of the product, in a sufficient way for the Dev Team to do “the right things” themselves? Is the product backlog up to date, ordered and contains enough Ready items to have the Dev Teamwork on their own for two Sprints while the PO focuses on meeting clients, probing the market, etc? Would the Dev Team know which stakeholders to talk to about particular domain areas? Does the Dev Team understand the Product Backlog Items well enough to produce a high-value product without constant – or even occasional – access to the PO (perhaps not forever, but at least for two Sprints)? Is the PO working reactively (short-term only) or proactively (long-term vision being played out through the ordering of the PBIs in the PBL)? Can the PO motivate short-term vs long-term focus, ie which is the right thing to aim for now?

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