Dec 18, 2019 in Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality

Q: Could Advances In This Area Trigger A Significant Reduction In Transportation Use?

1 Answer

Dec 18, 2019
If you look at humanity's carbon footprint, about 20 % of it is accounted for by transportation. So, hypothetically, we should be able to implement communication technologies that reduce the need for at least some of that movement. Yet that has obviously not happened as a result of the existence of telephony or email, or websites, or based on the current technology level of video-conferencing. So the question we have to ask is, could it happen if there were a more satisfying level of communication? I believe the answer is yes. So reducing our global carbon footprint could come down to how good an algorithm is at sensing the corner of somebody's eye. Speaking very roughly, I think that top-quality services along these lines could probably reduce humanity's global carbon footprint by a tenth in ten to fifteen years.
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